Deck & Fence Painting

An awesome contractor finishing painting a fence in a residential area in Windsor, ON

Got a deck or fence that is starting to show signs of wear and tear? You don’t always need to get your deck and fence replaced; sometimes, a simple paint job is enough to protect your investments. Having your deck and fence painted can increase their useful lives, save money, and boost your property’s overall curb appeal.

Your deck and fence are major parts of your home, and they account for a sizable portion of your investment. Not just that, but you and your family are going to spend loads of time on the deck, especially during summers. Paint your fence and deck and improve the quality of memories you are going to make. Are you looking for the best fence painters in Windsor, ON? Then stop looking because Painting Contractor Windsor ON is here to help?

Wood staining

For deck and fence painting, we offer wood staining services. Wood stain is a common kind of finish that will alter the color while protecting the wood. This type of finish includes all ingredients that produce the desired results our customers are looking to achieve. The best part about wood staining is that you will have a wide range of stain colors to choose from. You can also choose a stain color that looks like natural wood.

Our process

Our fence or deck painting process is very thorough. First, the old paint is completely removed from the wood, and then it is prepped for the painting process. Once the wood is prepared, our experts will start applying the paint to achieve the best results.

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